Bart Hennephof Breaking The Chains

Q: Why do you want to be involved in the Breaking The Chains project?
A: It's an awesome project, on various levels - A great list of musicians, who write music for the same goal. All revenues go to B.A.C.A., Bikers Against Child Abuse. It's good to make people aware of this heart-warming organization. A great project with an extra importance, giving the music extra depth.

Q: It seems you have much more to do than just playing guitar. What is your role exactly and how do you manage so far?
A: I am producing the album: Directing the 30+ musicians that are involved, and combining all ideas/songs into one coherent album. Lots of cool music is already written and we are planning to record the songs this summer.

Q: Can you update us about the activities of your band Textures?
A: We're getting ready for our next EU tour which will start in April: After that we'll do lots of summer festivals. So this year is all about doing live shows!


Bart Hennephof is the guitar player and one of the founding members of the Dutch metal band Textures. Debuting in 2001, their innovative style and sound has taken them all over the world on tours, playing in front of thousands of fans.
Bart also works as a producer and in his own studio, Final Focus Studio, he's now working on the upcoming album of Breaking The Chains.
When not playing or producing, Bart teaches and coaches the next generation of young metalheads at the Metal Factory in Eindhoven.

Textures is calling it quits in 2017 but not until they've taken a long and well deserved farewell from their fans.
Don't miss out on their good bye-tours.