Breaking The Chains

The person with probably the most extensive CV of all the BTC musicians is on board! He started playing music with his first bands in 1967, but his career got a real boost when he founded the band Kayak, together with Pim Koopman. The band, with amongst others Edward Reekers and Max Werner, has released 16 studio albums so far! Besides Kayak (band), Ton is also known for his work as keyboards player for the successful band Camel - Band, in which he has played for several distinct periods during the past. In addition, Ton was part of the band of one of the best Dutch guitar players, Harry Sacksioni, and from 1987 to 1989 he was also part of Earth & Fire in their new line-up including singer Jerney Kaagman. In 1999 KAYAK was breathed in new life thanks to De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE, and this eventually resulted in the release of the album ‘Close to the Fire’, and a new tour. Long story short, this amazing keyboards player has done a lot of things during his career, way too many to mention here. However, right now we are definitely looking forward to the release of the seventeenth studio album of KAYAK – ‘Seventeen’ –, which is currently being mastered. The release of the album is set in October 2017, and in the meantime can already be pre-ordered via

Q: Assuming you get more offers for projects and guest appearances, why did you choose for the BTC project?

A: It's very simple. Children are the future of our world. If they are treated wrongly or abused, and nothing is being done to help them and minimize the damage, it will have consequences for that same world later, because damaged grown-ups will not function well or reflect their problems to others, perhaps even their own kids. So it is in everyone's interest to help them recover. The combination of BTC and children is interesting, because it's a combination of extremes: innocent children and tough bikers.

Q: Besides playing keyboards, do you also bring actual song ideas on the table?

A: Nope. Not yet, at least. But I am open for suggestions and lyrics.

Q: Do you have other musical activities going on for 2017?

A: My main project this year is writing and recording the new Kayak album, due for release in October this year.

Interview by HeadBangers LifeStyle
Photo by: Rob van Dalen